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»Following you heart…«

• The birth of a child and the birth of a book
• An experience of personal growth
• Following your heart in the social utopia of Sweden
• Basic ideas and a philosophy of human development
• Bullying as oppression and an opportunity to grow

PART 1 – About the flower – my personal experience of growing
• The search for meaning and the inner conquest
• Self-employment as a possibility for inner-orientation
• Four years in chaos outside the comfort zone
• Integrating change by putting words to the experience
• Relationships, growth and the encounter on Hawaii
• How attachment and safety can support us to grow
• Breathing to growth in the landscape of emotion
• Insights of life gained from home birth
• About life, the universe and God
• Some basics on growing as a person

PART 2 – About the gardener – how managers and others can help people to grow
• Leaders, teachers and parents can help others to grow
• To meet another in the first contact
• How people can grow in a work team
• Organisational change and personal development
• The skill of acknowledgement and encouragement
• Leadership and personal development
• Human communication, »inner broadband« or »interpersonal modem«?
• The gardener of prince Mio

PART 3 – About the garden architect – how those who rule the country can help people to grow
• The architects who plan our society
• Who is not well, the Swedes or Sweden?
• The Swedish family being pressured by stress
• Why does the psychological health decline among young people in Sweden?
• The lack of secure attachment and the real oppression of women
• The house wife is history and the home parent is rebelling
• Children on vacation, children at work and second-hand children's clothes
• The Swedish utopia of uniform gender equality
• Growing as a person in Swedish work life
• Democracy, oppression and personal growth
• Human liberation and the Swedish political left
• The rationalistic utopia as a medieval period in the age of knowledge society
• The confusion in the philosophy of human growth in Sweden
• Growing people are creating the well-fare state of the future
• At the top of Maslow's hierarchy and beyond

Epilogue – About how this book was really born an early morning in January far away from the comfort zone
• How this book was born an early winter morning in January
• Thank you!
• References
• About the author

• • •

This is a preliminary English translation of the final Swedish headlines. The final English headlines may be different in a future English translation.


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»Following your heart in the social utopia of Sweden«

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