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We invented the company name »The Happy Company« in 1990 and registered a company in Sweden under this name.

»The Happy Company« was to us a name of many meanings. We thought we were a »happy company« together. We also thought many companies would profit from becoming true »happy companies« with respect to making it possible for people to learn and grow in work life in alignment with their deeply felt human values.

However, there was not much activity in the company to start with. Actually, »The Happy Company« was more of an idea, a set of common values or a future vision of something we did not yet know.

Since then we now have three children and many common experiences. Our shared values have now found more concrete expressions. Jonas' book »Following your heart – in the social utopia of Sweden« made many of the values of The Happy Company visible. Therefore we have breathed life into the name again.

Today The Happy Company is a registered trademark in Sweden and a part of Himmelstrand Mentor AB. The Happy Company offers mentoring, lectures and written material in the areas of personal growth, family and children at both individual and political level.

Our logo symbolises that free expression will find its place in form, and that there is more perfection in life, than in perfection itself and, of course – that this is a Happy Company.

Jonas Himmelstrand & Tamara Himmelstrand

Other related activities in Himmelstrand Mentor AB:

Strategies to Learn & Grow is a valued newsletter published biweekly 22 times per year. Its single double-sided page format gives a short article, a review and a tip on leadership, pedagogy and personal growth. Strategies is aimed mainly at work life but also writes about developments in society.

Jonas Himmelstrand Mentor offers inspiring and practical mentoring, lecture's and training's in leadership, pedagogy and personal growth to companies and organisations.


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»Following your heart in the social utopia of Sweden«

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